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Moulin de Maret Consult is a young company founded by Olivier Nagelmackers in 2007.
After more than 15 years of experience in various buisiness branches (Logstics, Maintenance, Business Process Management, ERP implementations and Risk Management), he decided to use these experiences to help other companies improving their revenues.



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  • Billing efficiency improvement


Companies are investing important budgets in billing engines/tools. The complexity of their systems can still lead to unbilled items/services.


MDMAConsult offer a deep analysis of your systems without any cost*. We will screen your contracts, your processes and IT systems and interfaces in order to detect all the unbilled items/services.
*You will pay us based on our results and findings. No cost if no findings.


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  • Improving performances


MDMA Consult offer you to analyse some specific processes in order to improve and simplify them.


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  • Risk Management


Your company wants to start Enterprise or Operational Risk Management. You need help to increase your ERM maturity. MDMA Consult is there to help you.


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